Horizon2 is a team of highly experienced Vocational Education & Training, Community Services and Early Childhood Education and Care professionals committed to working with leading industry professionals to make a real difference to the quality of early learning. We are a collaborative and effective partner with leading thinkers in the community services and early learning and care sectors and this  helps us build the skills and capabilities of our graduates. We work with and empower individuals, early learning services and community organisations to play a strong role in the training interaction.

We recognise there will be wisdom in the room and we will facilitate conversations with you and others to draw out relevant experience and knowledge. We have a wide experience in facilitating groups to get the best out of them and to assist them to see things they did not think were possible.

We have extensive experience of working in partnerships with government, professional bodies, industry associations and other educators to ensure the best education and training outcomes are provided and that this is based on a meaningful understanding of your training needs. As an organisation we have a lot of experience in the training market, and individually we have a proven track record in Vocational Education and Training and in the Early Childhood Education and Care and Community Services industries.

Our Values

We are a values-based learning organisation that believes strongly in:

  • your training should be about you, in your time and in your space
  • your training must be high quality and built on a belief in ongoing learning as a professional
  • the value of building reflective practice into everything you do and we will ensure this is part of our organisation and embedded into your training.
  • understanding the challenges of working (fulltime or part time) and studying and we will ensure that our training delivery methodology takes this into consideration
  • working with professional bodies (State and Nationally) to ensure we are listening and understand the changing needs of the workforce
  • our own professional development and further education to ensure that we stay up to date and current with industry trends and research
  • having a strong social justice philosophy balanced with sound business skill.
  • being super organised, accessible and easy to deal with

Our Team


Sue Maunder

Senior Education and Training Consultant

Sue has worked in the Early Childhood Education and Care industry for over 20 years.  Sue worked in local government and community based centres, teaching, directing and then moving into management of local government services.  Sue has an extensive knowledge of training, and has trained many early childhood educators over the years.

Sue has a passion for designing and delivering training to cater for individual students and early childhood centres, she works closely with students and employers to customise training to meet their individual needs.


Lorraine Freese

Senior Education and Training Consultant

Lorraine is a successful Early Childhood Centre owner, operator and teacher with over 20 years of experience in working, employing and teaching in the Early Childhood Education and Care Industry. She has an extensive understanding of the needs of Early Childhood centre operations and is able to build this into the training delivery. Lorraine has also worked extensively in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander  communities . Lorraine has the Bachelor of Learning Design (Vocational Education & Training) and has a passion for the design and delivery of training that enables graduates to be ready to work in the industry.

Lisa Molloy

Senior Education and Training Consultant

Lisa has worked in the Early Childhood Education sector for over 30 years. Lisa worked in preschools, primary schools and in the vocational education and training sector teaching child care workers, then moving into management and leadership of this specialised training. Lisa has extensive experience in training and has trained many early years childhood educators in her 30 years of teaching.

Lisa has a long term commitment to the development of optimum learning environments and is passionate about education, student outcomes and innovative ways of learning. She is currently developing a unique program focussed on fitness activities for young children.

Horizon2 Pty Ltd Audit Results

Audit Date 14th April 2014 Initial Registration Audit

Qualifications Audited

CHC 30113                            Certificate 3  in Early Childhood Education and Care

CHC50113                             Diploma  in Early Childhood Education and Care

For a full audit  please download audit-final-september-2016

Our Partner Mastercourse Qld and Care College

We work closely with our partner in Brisbane Mastercourse and Care College and their focus is on developing great people with exceptional skills to care for those in our community who are often the most vulnerable and in the greatest need.

The Care College team has over 20 years experience in tailoring training to meet the needs of both individuals and organisations. Together we provide a range of tailored and flexible training solutions, with the right balance of theory and practical, to ensure graduates are highly employable and confident.

Together we offer a matching service between our graduates and the industry. Mastercourse Care College graduates successfully gain employment in the fields of Child Care, Aged Care, Disability Care and Home & Community Care.

All  trainers have extensive industry experience and are well known and respected professionals in their field

Visit our partners at http://carecollege.com.au/courses/